Over 90% Reduction in Surface Roughness in Less Than 5 Minutes

Unique technology improves biocompatibility

The most advanced, powerful, and cost-effective electrochemical polishing machinery on the market.

Our Electroform technology is fuelled by a patent-pending dynamic electrode, which allows for real-time adjustments to the surface improvement process and addresses a problem that has restricted access to Electrochemical Manufacturing since its conception. This technology ensures that the process is optimised for each unique part geometry, resulting in a consistent and precise surface finish.

Powered by machine learning-fuelled fluid dynamics, the Electroform system optimises the flow of the electrolyte and process parameters, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness of the surface improvement process. ElectroForm also enables the operator to conform the tool to the unique geometry of individual additive manufactured components, enabling bespoke shape correction and fine surface roughness targeting.

We offer three iterations of our Electroform machinery to suit the needs of every market; the Electroform 300, the Electroform 500, and the Electroform 700.

The EF-300 is the small/middleweight and most popular option in the electroformTM line, making it ideal for small-scale production or research and development applications. It has a maximum output current of 300A and can process parts up to 100mm in diameter.

The EF-500 is the mid-range option in the ElectroformTM line, with a maximum output current of 500A and the ability to process parts up to 200mm in diameter. It offers increased throughput and faster processing times compared to the EF-5.e

The EF-700 is the largest and most powerful option in the electroformTM line, with a maximum output current of 700A and the ability to process parts up to 500mm in diameter. It offers the fastest processing times and highest throughput of all the electroformTM machines.

How it works

Electropolishing is an electrochemical process used to smooth and remove surface material from a metal object. When a current is passed between an anode and a cathode, metal ions are removed from the workpiece and are carried away by the electrolyte, allowing users to penetrate the internal cavities of the piece which cannot be accessed mechanically or through traditional means of metal polishing.

The benefits

Design precision

Material is only removed at specific locations, allowing for optimal precision in surface polishing and meaning that the shape of the material is not affected.

Increased component life expectancy

No mechanical or thermal loads are placed on the workpiece, making components more durable.


The electrochemical process removes metal more efficiently than hardened tools - in one pass, both roughing and finishing of the workpiece can be done.

Deburring precision

Electrochemical manufacturing (ECM) is a great deburring process, especially for parts that are hard to reach or machine with conventional methods.

Productivity increases

ECM is highly productive, operating much faster than conventional methods. Multiple parts can be machined per cycle, which results in lower production costs.

Repeatability and quality

ECM is very stable and has excellent process control. This ensures increased consistency, accuracy, and repeatability.

Eliminate imperfections

Our Electroform technology allows for uniform results across the surface and eliminates micro-scratches.

Clean, non-hazardous waste management

Our clean waste management system is designed to eliminate safety risks associated with traditional mechanical polishing methods that use abrasive media, such as sandpaper, which generate dust and debris that can be harmful to operators and the environment.

Controlled costs and predictable lead times

The Electroform system is a cost-effective, speedy solution to additive manufacturing post-processing.

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