Case Study: Early Development Stages of Electroform – Polishing Chess Pieces 

In this case study, we delve into the early development stages of Electroform and how the polishing of chess pieces played a crucial role in shaping the methodology behind our innovative Electroform™ machines.  

We will discuss the key elements involved in the polishing process and highlight how this early-stage experimentation influenced the development of our advanced Electroform™ machines. 

Rig Design and Cathode Setup 

The first step was to create a rig capable of securely holding the chess pieces during the polishing process. The rig was specifically designed to position the pieces upside down, allowing for comprehensive polishing. Surrounding the chess piece with a cathode ensured even distribution of the polishing effect, resulting in a uniform finish. 

Electrolyte Selection 

During the experimentation phase, we utilized a glycol-based electrolyte developed for stainless steel components. This non-acidic electrolyte provided a gentle yet effective polishing solution, preserving the integrity of the chess pieces. These early trials were instrumental in refining our understanding of the electrolyte’s role in achieving desired results. 

Electrical Parameters 

Based on previous tests conducted on stainless steel, we established consistent current density and adjusted the current to accommodate the surface area of each chess piece. This meticulous approach allowed us to fine-tune the electrical parameters, ensuring precise control and optimal polishing outcomes. 

Polishing Process 

Within the early development stages of Electroform, the chess pieces underwent the electrochemical polishing process using the established rig, electrolyte, and electrical parameters. Each piece was polished for a duration of 15 minutes, followed by a thorough cleaning with isopropyl alcohol to remove any remaining electrolyte residue. 

Informing the Methodology of Electroform Machines 

The insights gained from these early-stage experiments played a pivotal role in informing the methodology behind the development of our advanced Electroform™ machines. The rig design, electrolyte selection, and fine-tuning of electrical parameters served as a foundation for the innovation and precision integrated into our state-of-the-art Electroform™ machines. 


The polishing of chess pieces in the early stages of Electroform™’s development showcased the effectiveness of electrochemical polishing techniques. These experiments provided invaluable knowledge and insights that were instrumental in shaping the methodology employed in our cutting-edge electroform machines.  

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